Shawnee Heights Optimists

The Shawnee Heights Optimist club has created an online community using The Organization Management System (tOMS). The account name is Shawnee Heights Optimists..

To Create Your Account

(1) On the tOMS login page, click the link that says "Create a New Individual Account" (or click here).

(2) Enter your email address and password and your Name, and any of the other information, then press the "Create" button at the bottom of the page.

(3) After creating your Individual record, four tabs will be displayed at the top of the page.

(4) Click the "Your Organizations" tab to display a list of organizations to join (and a list of those you may have already joined).

(5) In the first section, select the Shawnee Heights Optimists organization and then press the "Apply Changes" button.

We will then see your request and update your request by adding you to the Shawnee Heights Optimist Club organization.

To redisplay your account record, enter you "email address" and "password" on the tOMS Login page.

When "Your Information" is displayed, click the "Shawnee Heights Optimist" link under the "Pick an Organization..." heading.

Your "Account Entries" and a list of the "Membership" will be displayed (under those tabs) for each organization you have joined.

The tOMS system allows any organization to create a presence on the web, and then any one who has an individual account and requests to become a member of that organization, and is accepted, can see their relative information for that organization. (see "Your Organizations" tab).

With your Individual account, you also have a "Other Stuff" tab, which allows you to post any notes to yourself that you wish. (don't post anything bad...)

Your "Account Entries" are posted by the organization (in this case the Shawnee Heights Optimist Club).

The organization can also post "To Do Lists" and if you select one from the displayed list, you can update the To-Do item(s) with your responses.

If you have any questions, please contact Henry Mace ( Thanks

To access your account (or create a new entry), go to tTOMS (click this link) .

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